Investigation of the design of a noise shield based on the laws of geometry

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  • Auyez Baidabekov Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumileva



street noise, noise protection screens, screens, noise sources, geometric laws of noise, noise protection, noise impact on the human body


The article discusses the impact of noise on the human body. Noise depresses the central nervous system, changes the frequency of breathing and heartbeat, contributes to metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and hypertension. In addition, the noise disrupts the normal functioning of the stomach - the secretion of gastric juice decreases, acidity changes, which leads to gastritis and ulcers. In many cases, noise protection is an artificial barrier, like screens. In addition to sound insulation, these screens absorb dust and exhaust gases, protect against strong gusts of wind and intense solar radiation. There are also screens that can be used as photovoltaic solar panels to generate clean energy that can then be used to heat roads in icy conditions and to display road signs at night. Propagation of Sound Unlike a light source, this sound propagates like a wave. It is also necessary to use geometric mapping law



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Baidabekov А. (2022). Investigation of the design of a noise shield based on the laws of geometry. Рroblems of Engineering and Professional Education, 64(1), 5.




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